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We research and ghost-write authoritative thought leadership content and use seven marketing channels to stimulate conversations with our Content Amplification System


See what our 45 years of local and global strategic thinking and world-class research-rich content creation can do for your business.

Neville, with your decades of experience, you are perfectly placed to add value to many thought leaders who require your input.

Dr. Michael Louis - Businessman and Political Leader

What’s in it for you?

Enhanced, elevated reputation and greater credibility within your industry

Increased exposure for your brand or company

Increased financial value of your brand

Networking and collaboration with industry leaders

Ability to attract and retain top talent

Potential for increased sales and revenue

Access speaking engagements and media opportunities

Anticipate and adapt to changes within the industry

Influence over the trends within the industry

Potential for innovation and thought-provoking ideas

Cultivate a devoted following

Established as the foremost authority in your field

What is a Thought Leader?

  • Adrian Gore = Medical aid maverick pioneer
  • Whitey Basson = Retailer extraordinaire
  • R.W Johnson = Political forecaster
  • Prof. Jonathan Jansen = Educationalist & social commentator

These are the “go-to” people in their fields.

Highly regarded thought leaders in their industry.

And we hang on their every word.

Thought Leaders express thought-provoking ideas, identify potential opportunities and threats, define future strategies, and demonstrate leadership expertise in their field.

Thought Leadership requires a sustained programme of research-rich content communication to educate and guide a marketplace.

Thought Leaders arguably create the most valuable assets of a business:

Reputation building

People gravitate towards Thought Leaders for their reputation of intelligence,
authenticity, integrity, information, knowledge, and wisdom.

Relational Capital

The network of trust-based relationships you develop over time creates continual new opportunities.
This off-balance sheet asset requires minimal investment and yields an unlimited return.

Staff attraction and retention

This Thought Leadership process is essential for millennials and Gen Z, who seek social presence, respect, and reputation from their employers.

How to become a Thought Leader?

Think. Write. Record.

Get your unique thoughts out there multiple times a month on multiple channels.

It’s a daunting task, but that’s the only way.

Luckily, Wikinotables is here to help you every step of the way with sustained, research-rich content to create and cement a long-lasting and credible reputation continually.

We collaborate with you to create a content strategy of unique thought leadership ideas.

Then we do the nitty gritty work of pumping out the research-rich content.

The Process

Strategy Session

Neville meets with you to discuss the unique strategy for portraying you as a Thought Leader in your field.

Positioning workshop

Together we'll craft your voice and style to get optimal results as a Thought Leader while staying true to the authentic you.

Content Roadmap

Together, we'll decide on the relevant content to make you the No.1 Thought Leader in your field.

Research & Writing

We get to work researching all the angles to create Draft #1 of your unique research-rich content.
After additional rounds of polishing, the final content is approved.


The research-rich content is disseminated to the agreed target markets using the Content Amplification System.

‘Rinse and Repeat’

This research-rich writing process is repeated at the agreed-upon frequency, followed by the Content Amplification System as before.

Who will be working with you?

Neville Berkowitz is the co-founder of Wiki Notables.

Amongst his twelve entrepreneurial ventures since 1977, the relevant ones utilized in developing himself and others as thought leaders are researching, forecasting, consulting, marketing, writing, and publishing for over 45 years.

He has covered numerous industries across both national and global economies.

From 1992-2007, Neville Berkowitz Global Associates operated in seventeen countries on five continents.
He has written and published 23 free books found on his website Personal Empowerment.

He has a 4.3 out of 5 reviewer rating on for his free book, How to Live in the Now.

Additionally, he has 1.3 million followers on the Path to Personal Empowerment Facebook page, where all his free books are available.

He brings 45 years of proven Thought Leadership in numerous fields to your doorstep.

Content Amplification System

Our unique Content Amplification System enables your thought leadership ideas to reach their maximum potential by disseminating them across seven powerful marketing channels:

White Papers

Provide insight to your site visitors

Media Releases

Reach online and print media


Float Thought Leadership topics and gauge interest

LinkedIn Posts & Articles

Ideal for enhancing your name
in your field

Social Media

The best place to share your research-rich content and increase virality


Reach an existing or desired
list of people

Speeches, Interviews, Podcasts, and Videos

Tailor our research-rich content to achieve wide-scale attention

Partner with WikiNotables and become the
No.1 Thought Leader in your field.

We only work with a limited number of vetted experts who have what it takes to become thought leaders.
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