WikiNotables.com is a member of the Neville Berkowitz Group, which was founded in 1977.

Neville Berkowitz is the co-founder of Wiki Notables. Amongst his twelve entrepreneurial ventures since 1977, the relevant ones utilized in WikiNotables are researching, forecasting, consulting, marketing, writing, and publishing for over 45 years.
He has covered numerous industries across both national and global economies.
During 1992-2007, Neville Berkowitz Global Associates operated in seventeen countries on five continents.
Neville Berkowitz is the author of 23 free books published on his website, personalempowerment.co, which has a Facebook following of 1.3 million. He has a review rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon.com.

Real Estate Economics, Consulting, and Development – researching, writing, and publishing nationally and globally

Neville Berkowitz created Neville Berkowitz and Associates, Consulting Real Estate Economists and Advisors, in 1977. He was a pioneer of real estate economics in South Africa.

Neville has been a Consulting Real Estate Economist and Adviser to a large client base he developed by writing and publishing a monthly research and forecasting investment journal, The Property Economist (1980-1995).

During the fifteen years of writing and publishing The Property Economist, the media used Neville extensively as an unbiased and independent researcher, forecaster, and commentator on the real estate industry in South Africa.

Neville frequently appeared in the print, TV, and Radio broadcast media and was a sought-after speaker at conferences.

During those 15 years, he was considered to be the No.1 Thought Leader in the real estate industry in South Africa.

He stepped down from this media personality role when he became a real estate developer in 1995. He felt that he no longer qualified as being independent and unbiased.

From 1987-2007 he was an Institutional Advisor and investment portfolio developer for leading Pension Funds and Insurance Companies in South Africa.

During the early 1990s, to further advise his Institutional Clients, he expanded the research and forecasting consulting business to create Neville Berkowitz Global Associates, in association with research-based consultancy firms in seventeen countries on five continents.

With the advent of the global 2007-8 “The Great Recession”, he stepped down from this investment advisory role as his real estate development business required his full-time attention.

In 2001, with the Internet emerging as the future of information sharing, Neville Berkowitz Global Associates created a Google no.1 ranked commercial real estate research information portal covering over 100 countries- ResearchWorldwide.com. In 2007, this business was sold to a Swiss Investor for the website’s valuable content.

Economics, Manufacturing, and Construction industries- researching, writing, and publishing nationally

Neville conceived, created, researched, wrote, and co-published the quarterly publications The Economic Review of South Africa and The Manufacturing Review of South Africa during the 1980s. He was in a publishing partnership with Finance Week, then the second-largest financial magazine in South Africa.

In 1983 he was appointed by the Building Industry Federation of South Africa to represent them on the Building Advisory Committee, reporting to The Office of the Prime Minister of South Africa.

Internet-based research and development

Since 1999, Neville has also been a pioneer of Internet-based research and development.

During the first two decades of the 21st Century, he created and developed Internet-based researched solutions to traditional business applications and practices in the areas of real estate, human resources, mentorship, marketing, and publishing.

Author of 23 books and 1.3 million Facebook followers

One of Neville's hobbies is writing free books to empower people.
His website Personal Empowerment already has 23 free books he has written and published since 2013. He shares these free books with 1.3 million followers of the site's Facebook page Path to Personal Empowerment.

One of his books, How to Live in the Now, was placed on Amazon.com in 2015 as a free book.
As of February 2023, there were 137 reviews on Amazon.com. He has a 4.3 out of 5 review rating (86%) on Amazon.com.

In addition, Neville researched, compiled, and published a 964-page leather-bound book, 5000 Years of Wisdom. A University in South Africa awards it to their PhD students at their graduation.

Neville and Jonathan

In 2021, semi-retired Neville (70) joined forces with his son, Jonathan (29), rapidly becoming a successful Internet marketing and unconventional advertising entrepreneur.

Jonathan co-owns and operates South Africa's foremost delivery motorbike advertising company. He has "blue chip" clients on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Jonathan has already proven to be an Internet Marketing success with a global client base for his LinkedIn marketing services.

In 2021, Jonathan suggested that semi-retired Dad offer his 44-year research and writing services to those in need of research-rich, shareable, high-value content for media stories, LinkedIn articles and posts, blog posts, and other marketing avenues to create Thought Leaders in their specific marketplaces.

Dad thinks that this was Jonathan's subtle way to keep him busy and out of his hair!